• Mt. Hood Soul Card


    “Mt. Hood” can be found in This Mortal Marriage – Poems of Love, Lament and Praise, by Alla Renée Bozarth. 

    Photograph by 

    Alla Renée Bozarth. Designed by Susan Lind-Kanne.


    This is a new design of our "Mt. Hood" Soul Card. "Mt. Hood" was one of our original cards from 2000 using a beautiful picture of Mt. Hood. However, it was the wrong picture of Mt. Hood. I will leave it to Alla to describe the importance of the updated picture.


    “That's It! That's the picture I took between the yellow lines on a double-blind curve in the middle of HWY 26 with Phil standing watch across the highway looking in both directions for me. The cloud opening lasted about five seconds. That was all we saw of her all week. I love the bear coming over the mountain icon in the lower left. Lovely as always. Now it reminds me of my adult fairy tale, "The Woman Who Married a Mountain and Lived with a Bear."


    Printed on textured watercolor paper, suitable for framing. Included are an illustrated envelope and a gold-foil sticker. Susan will add touches of 18K gold. Feel free to let Susan know if you would like a message inside your card and/or your return address included on your envelope.