This Mortal Marriage — Poems of Love, Lament and Praise (Paperback)


This Mortal Marriage — Poems of Love, Lament and Praise

By Alla Renée Bozarth

This Mortal Marriage describes the first self-awareness of the soul as part of the miracle of Life, then the sense of unbearable loss and despair when that reality is shattered through any kind of death—of a relationship or a beloved person. One crawls through tight places in the long trudge of faith back to a sense of belonging and wholeness. Through honest grief, one is reborn into the liberating need for gratitude and love, and through these, the soul returns to life again. Oneness is not uniformity, but infinite diversity in ultimate harmony. So says each of these poems, in its own way, intimately, personally, profoundly embodying a testimony to the resilience of life motivated by the mending power of love.

To experience the poems is to be given access to the warming, healing Soulfire within each of us.

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