I founded Bear Blessings Soul Cards in 2000. At that time, Bear Blessings was a wonderful idea, but without the social media outlet there is today, it never really took off. Advertising was too expensive for my meager budget. In February 2016, I launched the web store.


Soul Cards are different from usual, store-rack greeting cards; therefore I wasn’t able to establish a niché for their distribution back in 2000.  In 2016, recognizing our current political state of affairs, I sensed this may be the time for Bear Blessings.  People seem to be filled with fear and confusion; many are suffering from a variety of maladies and need to find their voice, inspiration and encouragement. Alla’s poetry and Bear Blessings Soul Cards can provide the perfect way to offer words of hope.  


Why am I turning to you for help?


  1. I would like to purchase the rough stock needed for production:  card stock, ink, art supplies, computer upgrades and a professional grade color/high volume copier/printer if anyone has used equipment to offer to this endeavor, that would be welcome and I would arrange for transport.
  2. I would like to purchase a supply of Alla’s books from her publishers and seek out other ways to spread the message – shopping bags, mugs, a calendar, etc.
  3. I would like to create an advertising campaign promoting Bear Blessings nationally, through internet marketing programs.
  4. I would like to open up opportunities to other women poets who have poetry they may want to put into cards.  
  5. Alla has 14 unpublished books. We would like to begin publishing them. I receive requests from customers asking how to get Alla's unpublished books.  Funding will help us make that happen.
  6. Finally, I would like to concentrate full-time on building up Bear Blessings. I need assistance for living expenses as I focus on Bear Blessings, True to the American dream, Bear Blessings will thrive and allow this woman to help others. I want to focus on making sure people who are seeking aid and inspiration discover Bear Blessings and its resources.


Please help Bear Blessings be successful!


GoFundMe Link:

Unpublished Books-in-progress by Dr. Bozarth:

     Winterfire-The Rebirth of Love

     Love’s Alchemy

     My Passion for Art

     Purgatory Papers

     Postcards from Paradise

     Falling in Love with Fire

     Falling in Love with Light

     Kissed by Lightening and Left for Dead

     Learning to Dance in Limbo


     My Blessed Misfortunes

     Diamonds in a Stony Field

     The Frequencies of Sound

     The Frequency of Light