Wisdom and Wonderment: 31 Feasts to Nourish Your Soul


Wisdom and Wonderment:  31 Feasts to Nourish Your Soul by Alla Renée Bozarth


This book is an invitation to awareness and to life. It is offered in the hope that the reflections it contains will help you feel welcomed at the feast of life. May they serve to remind you that Grace comes in many flavors.  And may you leave this book hungry, lonely, and empty no longer.


A Reader's Response:


Wisdom and Wonderment was, I’m convinced, written especially for me.  Page after page are now marked with post-it-notes for me to reread as the lessons penetrate and reveal themselves.  I discovered parts of myself within these pages.  Wonderings about myself and some of my interactions with other people have been illuminated.  I have looked into a mirror and seen myself more clearly as the fog is dispersed from the glass by your words and insights.  Thank you for your gifts of writing and wisdom and self-revelation in honesty~ I am thankful that you are a part of my life. 

- San Diego, California


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