This is My Body — Praying for Earth, Prayers From the Heart (Hardcover)


This is My Body — Praying for Earth, Prayers From the Heart

By Alla Renée Bozarth

And Mother God gave birth to the Universe through Her Word and said, “This is My Body – Holy, Holy, Holy!” In this book, the human response of recognition, participation and celebration is sung through the soul’s language of poetry. The solitary soul awakes to the overwhelming reality of being an incarnate life, embodied, a cell in the body of God, and hears God in every atom of its being, whispering, “This is My body, holy.” One turns to the Beloved Other, the mysterious human soul-loverfriend, and hears that same divine echo, “This is My body, holy.” One opens one’s being to the cosmos and the immediate earth garden of one’s physical home and hears in polyphonous resonance: “This is My body, holy.” Take these poems as prayers into your hands and heart and open yourself to this Song. Be welcomed to God in yourself and all that you love.

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