• The Power of the Crone - Soul Card


    “The Power of the Crone” can be found in Accidental Wisdom and This is My Body by Alla Renée Bozarth. Layout and art by Susan Lind-Kanne


    Accidental Wisdom and This is My Body, are available through Bear Blessings Soul Cards,


    Blank inside. The card is printed on textured watercolor paper, suitable for framing. Included are an envelope and a gold-foil sticker. 

    Feel free to let Susan know if you would like a message on the inside of your card and/or your return address on your envelope.

    Alla's review of "The Power of the Crone” Soul Card:

    "I interpret the first little doll with the beautiful Heart of deep red and gold as the Godseed of the Soul as it is in the Eternal Heart of God. Above her are the incarnational growth stages of the Soul in its archetypal three archetypes~ youth, womanhood and elderhood: Maiden, Mother and Crone. The fifth doll at the top is the Goddess Herself! I love it!! The color of the smallest and largest figures' faces links them: the small seed of the soul in God's Heart before it is incarnate in birth (and through growth and development) is nearly the same color as the Divine Being Herself, a light teal blue for the Godseed soul and a light teal green for the Divine in Whose Image the Soul is Born. It's so lovely! One more thing, five dolls is an archetype; the number five stands for transformation of consciousness!"