Soulfire: Love Poems in Black and Gold


Soulfire: Love Poems in Black and Gold

By Alla Renée Bozarth

Readers' Response

This is a rare and wonderful gift of love. Poems of wonder and longing, loss and pain, desire and inestimable joy flow from the pen of a priest and psychotherapist who helps heal the rift between religion and the erotic.

Anonymous reader ~


Turn your face

to the firelight,

Beloved, and rest

your head against

my breast.

How perfectly we fit

when I stand, you sit,

your ear leaning

on my heart.

When you listen,

do you hear

my whole life

singing to you?

My body's breath

carries your mind

like waves, up and

home again.

You are the waterbird

riding my rhythm.

When you listen,
do you hear
the winds of all
the oceans, and within,
the drumming wings
of all the birds
that fly them?

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