Passover Remembered — Chapbook


"Passover Remembered

by Alla Renée Bozarth


A commemorative poem from the books,

Womanpriest— A Personal Odyssey & Accidental Wisdom


"Passover Remembered" was commissioned by The Witness Magazine for the July 1984 issue to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Philadelphia Ordinations on July 29, 1974. The poem is in the books, Womanpriest: A Personal Odyssey by Alla Renée Bozarth, 1988 revised edition, distributed by Bear Blessings Soul Cards; Stars in Your Bones— Emerging Signposts on Our Spiritual Journeys by Alla Bozarth, Julia Barkley and Terri Hawthorne; Accidental Wisdom by Alla Renée Bozarth, iUniverse 2003, and This is My Body— Praying for Earth, Prayers from the Heart, iUniverse 2004.

The poem was read by the first women ordained to the priesthood in the Episcopal Church at the beginning of the 1999 twenty-fifth anniversary celebration of the Philadelphia Ordinations at the original location at the Church of the Advocate, now called the George W. South Memorial Church of the Advocate on 18th and Diamond Streets in Philadelphia. The first two stanzas in italics were added for the event. "Passover Remembered" has been widely anthologized and used in many contexts from Seders and Rosh Hashanah services to retreats, meditation practices and special occasion celebrations of all kinds.


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