• Love's Prism: Reflections from the Heart of a Woman


    Love’s Prism:  Reflections from the Heart of a Woman by Alla Renée Bozarth


    Love’s Prism sheds light on the meaning and mutuality of love. For love is the essential task of human beings, and the most difficult, confusing, and ambivalent. The author presents these complexities through the specific love of one woman for herself, other women, men, and her unborn children, as well as the secret other side of love, the soul’s yearning to be loved.


    When one places oneself before this life-giving, life-defining crystal and regards it in openness and humility, delusion can find its truth, despair its hope, and ambivalence its break-through. Love’s prism will enhance the spiritual growth of its readers.


    A Reader's Response:


    This book itself is a gift of love. It soothes and speaks to my deepest self. It unravels the confusion within me and makes my own soul clear to myself.

    - Portland, OR

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