• Let Me Tell You Something . . . Soul Card


    I remember our fight for privacy and choice 50 years ago; here we go again. I asked Alla — who was encouraging us when we fought for Roe — if she had any poems that would be applicable now as they were back then. She suggested I read her first book of poems, Gynergy, ©1978, Wisdom House; what a goldmine.


    This time around, I sense vengeance on the part of the Republican legislatures. It’s as if they want to punish women and consider us as vessels with no rights. In "Let Me Tell You Something . . .," Alla sits us down and reminds us to “hang in there” and “don’t turn back.” She also has advice for misogynistic men, “I don’t need your advice and drive” and “I don’t need your approval.”


    This Soul Card is for the next generation who will take on the fight for privacy and choice for themselves and their children. Give them this card to validate and encourage them.  


    “Let Me Tell You Something . . .,” by Alla Renée Bozarth, can be found in Gynergy ©1978, Wisdom House. Artwork and designed by Susan Lind-Kanne. “Let Me Tell You Something . . .” is available in both a Soul Card and a Full-page Art Piece.


    Each Soul Card is printed on textured watercolor paper suitable for framing. It’s decorated with a spot of gold and/or silver applied with a prayer of Grace for the recipient of the Soul Card. The Soul Card arrives in a clear, sealed sleeve with an illustrated envelope and a gold-foil sticker.


    Feel free to let me know if you would like a message inside your card and/or your return address on your envelope.


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