Yes! The Holidays are right around the corner.

Where did the year go?


Bear Blessings Soul Cards is excited to share – we have new products available on TeeSpring and RedBubble! We have t-shirts, pillows, tote bags, phone cases, prints, clocks, and even mugs! Each site offers Bear Blessings' artwork in ways I never thought possible.


Have you ever thought of sending someone a BirthdayPillow instead of a Birthday Card? How about an Anniversary pillow for your favorite couple or companion? TeeSpring gives me the ability to transfer Bear Blessings Soul Cards onto pillows. How fun is that?!?

I’ve also created two Christmas pillows to include with your Christmas decorations. What a great Christmas gift! TeeSpring also offers poster-size versions of Bear Blessings Soul Cards. Is there a card would you like available in poster-size?


RedBubble allows me to create an incredible collection of products featuring Bear Blessings' artwork. You will find products such as clocks, journals, mugs, and a wide-range of apparel – including an adorable A-line dress. Simply click on the artwork and it will take you to a page showing all the products available highlighting that particular piece of art.


Think of Bear Blessings’ products as you fill in your Shopping Lists. I will continue adding more and more products as we get closer to the Holidays.


Is there a card or piece of art you would like on a t-shirt, tote bag, mug, etc.? Let me know!

Birthfeast Pillow via TeeSpring     

Red Door Christmas Pillow via TeeSpring